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How does Dealcation work?

Step 1: Connect.

Login to your account and choose variety of deals, services, activities and experiences.


Step 2: Purchase.

Click the “Buy Now!” or “Add to Cart” button. Check your shopping cart orders. Proceed to payment and checkout.


Step 3: Redeem.

Upon redemption, simply show the printed voucher or optionally present the reference number/ redemption code or coupon on your mobile together with a valid ID!

Do I need to create an account at Dealcation to access deals and purchase offers on the website?

To keep you updated, this is great for you to receive exclusive deals and exciting offers available nationwide. On your account page, you can track your orders, receive hot deals and review payment history.

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How can I access my account?

You can access your account on Top and click on “My Account” or “Login” at the upper right-hand corner. Kindly enter your login account details here

Do I need to make a booking request in advance?

All bookings will require 48 hours policy before usage. We encourage you to make a booking appointment or request in advance before proceeding to store, venue, location, or site upon availability and for your convenient experience.

How can I make an appointment?

When booking a service, you are required to book at least 48 hours in advance before your use of the service. Upon checkout, select your preferred date and time of your booking appointment and you’ll receive an instant voucher confirmation online or on your registered email address.

Do I need to print my voucher after purchase?

You can redeem from your mobile, PC or desktop. There’s no need for voucher printouts, simply download the voucher and present an electronic copy together with your valid ID.

Can I book a service directly without booking a staff?

You can book a staff when purchasing a service. Upon checkout, you can optionally book your preferred service directly or wish to book a staff to fulfill your desired experience.

What happens in case of No-Show?

Your account will be deducted for No-Show charges from the total amount you purchased online. This will serve as a No-Show Protection Policy to the Merchant Service Provider. We encourage you to carefully read the “Fine Print” and “Policy” as all purchases are finalized and must be utilized on the booking date.

Where to find my purchases and orders?

You can check your purchased orders in your shopping cart account page. You can download your voucher or show a redemption code to the merchant. A Purchase Receipt is also sent to your email as proof of your transaction. Before purchasing, check that all information is correct and click on “Submit Order or Proceed to Checkout”.

Can I combine my voucher with other offers or specials? 

No. Not unless the voucher specifically states otherwise. In most cases, all vouchers are non-combinable with other offers or special deals.

A. Deals

B. Payments

I bought a voucher – how do I use it?

After purchasing the deal, you will receive an email with your Dealcation voucher, information and necessary details. You can also access and download your vouchers from “My Account” or “Login” page and you will be able to see your purchased vouchers, orders and account details.

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, some prices include VAT, but exclude delivery costs, handling, service and processing fees which are chargeable according to mode of payment you use. If prices do not include VAT, you will be charged at the time of your checkout payment. Please read carefully the payment policy written in the billing instructions.

Note: It is the User’s sole responsibility to pay the required amount in full. Otherwise, the User may unable to claim the voucher if the amount is paid less than the actual voucher price.

Am I billed as soon as I buy a voucher?

Yes, there will be an instant payment confirmation the moment you purchase online. You will be notified of 3D using OTP and email verification to purchase your final order. You will receive the receipt and voucher instantly at your registered email address.

Is Dealcation safe and protected?

Yes! We do not share nor store your credit card details registered online. We are highly secured on 3D by using OTP. Your personal and credit card details are safe, secured and protected at all times. 

Can I cancel a purchase I’ve already made?

Most of the vouchers can be cancelled within 24 hours after purchase is made. However, these may still be varied from the Merchant Provider Policy. We highly encourage reading the fine print carefully for cancellations and make your final decision when buying online. Otherwise, all purchase transactions made on Dealcation are considered final and unchangeable.

Can I get refund?

Most of the vouchers in the event of unredeemed, unprinted or unused voucher can be refunded within 24 hours after purchase. However, these may still be varied from the Merchant Provider Policy. Otherwise, all sales order and purchased deals are final, but you can optionally give your voucher as a gift (unless the Fine Print specifies otherwise). The Merchant or Supplier is the seller of the featured experience, products and services, thus we cannot guarantee and grant your request for refunds and/or exchange of services without the approval of the Merchant Provider. Once the User finalises the purchase order by checking out, the sale is considered successful. It is the user’s responsibility to carefully understand, follow, abide and agree to the terms and conditions of Use of the Website.  All vouchers are valid for certain period of time from date of purchase. The user is solely responsible for redeeming any Vouchers purchase on our Site.


For your concerns, you can reach our customer care team to validate at and we’ll get in touch with you soon.


Please ensure to provide us the complete details to cancel your voucher you purchase for any reason. We require you to provide us an email as follows:
1. Attach the voucher on email.

2. Your Name (as reflected on your voucher)
3. Voucher number or Invoice number (whichever is already available).
4. Deal Name to be cancelled.
5. Any refund payable will be topped up and credited to the amount on your account page.


Dealcation shall not be liable for any and all indirect or consequential losses or refunds which may be incurred by customers or users in the following cases, including but not limited to:

  • Any loss of income whether directly or indirectly.

  • Any loss of opportunity.

  • Any loss of reputation.

  • Any voucher has expired.

  • Any duplicate booking.

  • Any report whether lost or stolen voucher.

  • Any change of your plans.

  • Any appeal to personal reasons.

  • Any act of the Client or Customers.

  • Any act of third party not connected to the services.

  • Any situation beyond Dealcation’s control including, but not limited to, acts of nature, labour disputes or any other irregularity beyond Dealcation’s control. We disclaim responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or changes in schedules resulting from causes beyond its control.

  • If the information on is provided by the “Merchant”, Dealcation shall not be held liable if such information is incorrect or inaccurate.


A further investigation shall be taken into account if things don’t go exactly as planned. We do complete, accurate and thorough investigation to raise an exceptional cases. Refunds can be credited to the amount on your account page. However, the delivery costs, handling, service and processing fees cannot be refunded from the original purchase of the Voucher. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws locally. 


Note: Approval of cancellation or refund comes into effect within 14 working days after request has been made to Merchant. Reversal of payment shall be advised in the same cancellation approval response.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept various payment options via credit card, online banking, over the counter, mobile, and cash deposit at participating network of payment channels across the UAE, Philippines and overseas. At the time of your check-out, you can choose your preferred payment options.

Note: The processing and service fees may vary according to mode of payment you use. We advise you to please read the terms and conditions carefully written in the billing or payment instructions.

When you order a voucher, Dealcation may ask you to provide us with your credit card number, expiration date, billing address and authentication codes or related information to validate your identification.

Does Dealcation accept cheques? 

Dealcation offers a wide range of payment options and alternative payments across the country; however for banking and reconciliation reasons, cheques are strictly not accepted.

Where to find my purchases and orders?

You can either check your purchased orders on your account profile dashboard and your registered email address. You can download your voucher upon receiving payment confirmation.

C. Redemption

How do I access my voucher?

Login to your account, check your account profile dashboard, and select the voucher. You can download your voucher upon receiving payment confirmation.

How do I use a voucher I purchased?

After purchasing, you will receive an email with your Dealcation voucher. You can optionally log in to your account, check your account profile dashboard and select your purchased voucher. Before proceeding to the Merchant, we encourage you to check the availability of your desired use of service. Visit the merchant and redeem your voucher at the store, venue, location, or site.

Simply show the printed voucher or present an electronic voucher copy through your mobile. The Merchant will scan the QR voucher code to redeem your use of service.

If I don't use up the entire value of my coupon or gift voucher in one visit, can I use the rest later on?

No. All coupons or gift vouchers bought on the site can only be used during one visit and within the redemption period reflected on the terms. You will not receive any refund or cash back for whatever services you don't use.

Can I transfer my coupon to someone else if I can’t redeem it?

You cannot change the name registered on the coupon nor can you transfer ownership of it (unless the Fine Print specifies otherwise).

May I exchange a product I buy on Dealcation?

The voucher you purchased is active and live deals on site. Therefore, any purchased order cannot be exchanged to other products selling online.

D. Merchants

I’m a business owner. How can my business and services be featured on Dealcation?

We welcome new businesses and partners to enlarge our growing community. You can register directly online or you may send us an email at and our customer support team we'll get in touch within 48 hours of your request.

What if a merchant closes its business before I get to redeem my voucher?

Our Merchants are active and verified online. Although unlikely, if a business has closed permanently, simply inform our customer care team at so we can issue a full refund, credited to your Dealcation account. We will, however, conduct a thorough investigation and thereby only honour this type of refund request if the merchant closes its business BEFORE the final redemption date of your coupon or voucher.pping cart order, and select your purchased voucher. Visit the merchant and redeem your voucher at the store, venue, location or site. You can simply show the voucher on your phone with redemption code. Make sure to check the validity and expiry date of the voucher.

E. Gift Vouchers

Can I buy a deal as a gift?

Yes, you can purchase a gift to anyone upon checkout. Simply register the recipient’s details and send the voucher via his/her email address. Ensure all information is correct before you confirm your payment. The discounted price you paid for won’t be revealed to your recipient. Dealcation will automatically send the gift voucher you bought for them to the registered recipient’s email address.

How do I gift a voucher to a friend or anyone?

All your purchases and orders can be bought as a “Gift”. You can check the “Fine Print” Policy, unless otherwise specified, all vouchers can be purchased and given away as gifts.

Upon your checkout, you can enter the recipient’s email address and write any special message. Send them a fulfilling memory and experience instantly.

“Your Trusted Lifestyle Service Partner”


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